Eating Freely

Eating freely is a proven counselling and nutrition program to help with emotional and binge eating. It is a comprehensive program that combines psychology and nutritional therapy designed to help separate your emotions from your eating habits. This enables you to deal with both – separately and effectively.

This 14 session program is highly structured with lots of personal support to help you get on track, and stay on track.  Eating Freely works from the inside, out. By first changing your mindset, your relationship with food changes forever.

The Eating Freely program is based on the 3 F’s:

  • Feed yourself properly
  • Forgive yourself quickly
  • Focus on health and well being (not weight loss, at least not initially)

It will help you to:

  • Reduce – the number of emotional and binge eating episodes
  • Rehabilitate – your body and your health through nutritional therapy
  • Reset – your brain, helping you to break habits and cravings
  • Re-program – your critical self to be more forgiving

The eating freely program is highly structured to provide you with the solid base you need to mentally, physically and emotionally overcome your poor eating habits, get you back on track and keep you there.

There will be 12 sessions with me, each of 50 minutes length, plus two more with a Nutritional Therapist. We will start with weekly sessions before moving to fortnightly as you start making positive progress. These sessions will cover:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

The program starts by providing the practical tools to focus you on immediately reducing the episodes of emotional and binge eating.

Nutritional Rehabilitation

Years of bad habits and failed diets have significantly impaired your gut. With our comprehensive gut rehabilitation plan you will notice improved energy, mood and sleep within 2-3 weeks.


It is your brain that is responsible for binge eating. Once you understand the autopilot and habit loops in your brain you can break these destructive cycles.


You are your own worst critic. By separating your past habits from your future you will learn to be more compassionate towards yourself.

No More Diets - Eating Therapy - Rebecca Canning Dungarvan

Dieting reduces your self worth to a number on a scale. It creates a deprivation mindset all the while reinforcing negative thoughts about yourself and your body. This is a major trigger for bingeing and over eating.

For a free 30 minute consultation for the Eating Freely program click here – Eating Freely Consultation, or visit out contact page.