Couples Therapy

As an Adlerian Therapist, I understand the benefits of working with relationship and family dynamics, to help improve connection and restore open and honest communication. It takes courage to open your relationship up and allow a stranger in. This step in itself can be the beginning of creating a safe place to talk about feelings, needs and goals, to move toward resolution and deeper mutual understanding of each other.

We can all agree that relationships change over time, with needs and goals changing as individuals, and as a couple. There are times our paths or outlooks differ, and left undiscussed, become the road blocks to change and growth within the relationship. Therapy therefore, can be seen as something positive to engage in, an active agreement to be working towards improvement of your relationship experiences.

My advice is not to wait until your relationship is in crisis. Tune into feelings of discontentment, and if you recognise that you are stuck in some way, that is the time to engage with therapy, to help you to identify patterns and triggers that may be sabotaging your relationship.